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The Bolch Mansion

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Just two hours south of St. Louis, this elegant Missouri Inn, now doing business as Rachel’s Bed and Breakfast, is known as “the Bolch Mansion.” The origins of the home are blurred by folk lore, family documents, and records from the local assessor office. One account suggest the home was built by Charles and Mathima Bolch, in 1920. The other story is that the home was built before the turn of the century by Mathima's parents. After the death of her precious kid brother her parents moved away to St. Louis and Mathima inherited the family home. The Arts & Craft design of the home suggest an earlier date. We do know the mansion is the oldest standing residence in this quaint little town.

The current owners have taken great strides to restore the elegance and charm of the home’s original construction. Bill and Kelly love entertaining guest with stories passed down from the original owners and their loved ones.

The Bolch Mansion is an Arts and Craft style home that features a warm invitation to all. The restoration has re-established the 9 1/2 foot ceilings throughout the first level and elaborated on the home’s original “tongue and groove” interior. The spacious drawing room is a cordial setting where guests can relax, and friends can assemble to socialize.

There is a strong French influence in the colors and textures found through out the home; Jazz is always the sound of choice.

  • Charles Benson

Assuming the assessors office is correct, the Bolch Mansion was built by Charles & Mathima Bolch in 1920. However family photos and oral history date the house before the turn of the century closer to 1890 and insist the builder was Mathima's father, John Benson.

Mathima (Benson) Bolch b.1875 d.1959 was an active member of her community whose piano skills came in handy at many social functions. She was born 4 miles north of Annapolis in Sabula. Her father, Sevn Johan "John" Benson, had been transferred here from Kansas City to work on the railroad. Once the tracks were laid to Annapolis her parents settled in and this is where Mathima lived out her life. Mathima's father built a beautiful southern style hotel with kitchen. He owned the general store and the local mill as well. April 19th of 1896, at age 20, Mathima married her father's employee, Charles Edward Bolch.

Charles Bolch b.1875 d.1947 was a business man with a Midas touch. His most successful move was the purchase of the first automobile in the region. With this purchase came a need for fuel; before long Charles had an entire chain of fuel stops. Folk lore says that Charles had built quite an empire by the time his own son was a young adult, but he leverage it all to redeem his young son from kidnappers! Want the rest of the story? Ask at the breakfast table for many more details.

  • Bolch home

This is Mathima Bolch with her beautiful daughter, Minnie Bell (b.1898-d.1994) , her mother, Ida "Karlsdotter" Färm (b.1854-d.1929) , brother-in-law, George, and his young son. George Jr.


The Bolch Mansion was one of the five Annapolis structures that survived the Tri-State Tornato of 1925.